Music Recruit: Tom Bailey
by jasonrohrerMonday, July 4, 2011 [8:19 pm]

Returning to work on a project after more than a year of not touching it was difficult. Motivation and momentum are fleeting resources.

There were only a few things left to do, but one of the biggest things looming over my head was music. It was clear that my usual (!) realtime-program-synthesized, chip-tune-style music wouldn't be a good fit. I had originally planned on recording some real-instrument studio stuff myself, but my enthusiasm for that plan had waned over the year.

My decades-long friend and former band-mate Tom Bailey expressed interest, so I brought him on board. He has been an amazing musician as ever since I met him (fingers absolutely flying across his electric guitar fretboard when he was 14). Over the past few years, he's had both an indie- and major-label record deal, been on the Warped tour, and even performed live on G4 TV (of all places). Here's a sample from his recent Delcroy project:

This is my first time collaborating on a game project, and it has really helped to restore my creative momentum.

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