Dev Setup Pictures
by jasonrohrerMonday, July 4, 2011 [8:34 pm]

Here are some pictures of my Diamond Trust dev setup:

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by lisztoTuesday, July 19, 2011 [10:58 am]

You have lot of Nintendo DS :D.

I love the way you develop and your way of thinking about the world of games! I would like to develop and implement programs with the same mindset as you!

Keep it up!

by JoeWednesday, January 4, 2012 [2:09 pm]

I'm very much looking forward to this, I'll definitely be getting a copy, it's about bloody time I gave you some money!

I was wondering (if you're allowed to comment) how easy is the official nintendo dev kit to use? Is it at all similar to the homebrew kits? Just interested really, I did some homebrew a few years back but then I got an iPhone and switched to that instead!