E for Everyone
by jasonrohrerMonday, September 26, 2011 [8:16 pm]

Diamond Trust has been reviewed by the ESRB and assigned an E rating, with no content descriptors. The certificate is here:

Strange, but true.

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by SergioTuesday, September 27, 2011 [6:22 am]

A little strange. I'm guessing Diamond Trust doesn't directly depict a lot of the mature content underlying its mechanics. Isn't an E rating what you were aiming for? You mention that here: http://www.gamasutra.com/php-bin/news_index.php?story=27622 but maybe your plans for the game have changed since then.

On another note, are you still planning for the game to be sold exclusively through Amazon? I live in New Zealand and Amazon.com has prevented me from purchasing any games I've attempted to order because I live outside America. I hope that this game will be an exception, or that alternative purchase methods are available!

by jasonrohrerTuesday, September 27, 2011 [4:07 pm]

Yes, I was expecting the E rating. But it's still strange. Approved for children over 6 (though not many kids of that age would find it interesting anyway). Also, I can imagine some parents objecting to the game.

But the ESRB is pretty methodical and rigid. If you can't check any of their checkboxes, then the game doesn't raise any flags.

Here's the list of flags:

So, though this game is about illegal smuggling activity (or at least about activity that is on the verge of being made illegal), illegal activity isn't one of the checkboxes.

I.e., you could make a game about shoplifting that could potentially get an E rating. No blood, no foul.

by jasonrohrerTuesday, September 27, 2011 [4:10 pm]

Also, the distribution of the limited edition hasn't been fully ironed out yet. It's looking like it probably won't be Amazon after all, though. And it's looking like it will be 2500 signed and numbered copies. I'm not sure about how international orders will be handled.

by SergioSaturday, October 1, 2011 [6:51 am]

Thanks for the reply. "Probably won't be Amazon" is enough to convince me I'm unlikely to run into troubles ordering a copy. I'm also liking the sound of signed and numbered copies, though I imagine on your end signing 2500 copies won't be all that fun!

by ChrisSaturday, October 22, 2011 [3:56 pm]

Hi Jason,

I must admit that I'm not familiar with this game at all, but I'm a massive DS junkie (and a happy 3DS owner too) so I'll give any great title on the system a fair shot. I love turn-based stragety titles (IE: advance wars, fire emblem) and the subject matter of this game sounds quite interesting, but my main question is, in addition to the main 2 player hook, is there a single player mode as well?

Thanks Jason, and congrats on getting ESRB approval. :)

by cormacMonday, October 24, 2011 [1:13 pm]

Is there multiplayer? If so, is download play enabled (having to get two of 2500 cartridges in the same place is difficult!)

by jasonrohrerTuesday, October 25, 2011 [3:11 am]

The focus of the game is multiplayer (two-players).

However, an AI opponent is provided to practice against. The AI mode looks and plays the same as if you were playing against another person (there is no single-player "campaign" or "story mode"). A bit like playing Chess against a computer, but this game has quite a bit more yomi than Chess, so it's not so satisfying to play Diamond Trust against a computer over the long term. Best to graduate to a real, human opponent after you learn the game by playing the AI.

And yes, Download Play for two people off of a single cartridge is supported.